omg you're really sweet I love all the detail you put into all your replies, alot of people here are arrogant or obnoxious and don't reply at all,

Aww thankkss anon, You should come off anon and speak to me:]

This Backing Case Looks HOT! 10
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Simple But True. 12
The Truth! 7
Omg I Want! It’s Sea Ralated & Music Related! Give It To Me Now! 40
Hand Tattoos Are Amazing! Unfortunately I Can’t Have One Because Of The Jobless Risk D; 3

Looking For Blogs To Follow!

Hey guys, I’m sorry if I sound desperate but I’m in need of followers, I mean come on we all want them, I’ve been inactive for a short while but it’s cost me alot of followers, I need to replace my loss for a better audience, also I’m following back everyone who follows me! I currently follow 35 blogs, my dashboard is really boring, so guys please follow for a follow back!

I can’t promise you promos, nuttela, free stuff or whatever, but I can promise you a blog you’ll fall in love with, I post alot of tattoos, body modifications such as piercings and stuff, I post alot of art, band stuff and other colourful and fun things that make me smile, and I hope that’ll make you smile too :)

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