These are the answers to questions I get asked alot, or just general stuff about me.

—-General—- :

Name : Ahmet Kara

D.O.B : 30th November 1996

Birth Place : London

Where do you live : Stoke-On-Trent, West midlands of England

Sexuality : Bi

—-Tumblr Related—- :

Meaning behind your Tumblr account name?

Alot of my friends have re-modeled the word “sket” into a friendly kind of term and one day my friend shouted ‘Ahmsket’ at me, and ever since then it’s kinda stuck.

Blog name?

My blog is about me, myself and I :))

Follow back?

Maybe if you ask really nicely and we have similar blogs then sure.

Promo/Promo or Promo?

Promo for close friends only sorry, Promo for Promo if you have near the same follower count as me.


Thank you very much, I appreciate all.


I’ll probably reply being really ridicules, I won’t really take it to heart because it’s just some twat behind a computer screen.


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—-Piercings related—- :

How many piercings do you have?

I currently have 6, 

  • Snakebites
  • Bridge
  • Angelbites
  • Monroe
  • Nose (Ring)
  • Both Ears Stretched (18mm)
  • Septum

How many have you had in the past?

I’ve had nearly 40 I think, unless you don’t count ears then it’d be less. Most of them I had redone because of accidents/infections etc.

  • Septum (Done 8 times)
  • Three bottom lip piercing
  • Three top lip piercings 
  • Eyebrow 
  • Each ear lobes pierced three times each
  • Left side of nose x3
  • Right side of nose x4
  • Bridge
  • Angel Bites but took right one out.

Why have you had the same place pierced more than once/Why have you taken some out?

Septum : Alot of the time it was done incorrectly, I had it done once by a friend, I pierced it myself twice and I had it done professionally twice, out of them all, the one my friend did was alright, but I took it out because It hand’t healed and school would of been on my case about it. All of the others were because it was wrong.

Angel bites : I took the one on the right out a day after I had it done because I didn’t like it, so I just kept the left one (The one in my sidebar picture)

Nose & Monroe : The Monroe in my profile picture is the second one I’ve had, I camped out with some friends for one of our friends send off party to Afghanistan, I got really drunk and knocked them out, well my nose ring got knocked off and I was too drunk to care, but the ball off my monroe fell off and I didn’t want to sleep with just a bar just incase I swolled it.

Right lip piercing : I wore a ring too soon and the ring happened too be too small and it cut into my lip, I haven’t used a ring ever since, I just stick to the bars.

Eyebrow : It didn’t suit me.

Ear piercings : Some got infected, one fell out during the night, one of them I stretched too soon and it hurt like a bitch, so I took it out.

Where have you had your piercings done?

I’ve had my two of my lip piercings at Hedonism (my local body piercers) I’ve had one of my septums done at Natural Beauty (a local beauty parlour salon thingy, they were extremely shit) I’ve had my angelbites and nose ring done by my friends sister, I’ve had another septum and lip piercing done by a friend, and the rest I’ve done myself.

Didn’t the ones you did hurt?

Not really, the most painful one was my septum the second time I did it, my nose and monroe which I re-pierced was perfectly fine considering I went over scar tissue. 

—-Music related—-:

What kind of music are you into?

Literally anything and everything, from post hardcore to classical, the only things I probably wouldn’t consider would be ragga and jazz but some of those music are cool aswell.

But mainly into the bands/artists/songs that are on my blogs music player.

What are your favourite bands?

I absolutely adore A Day To Remember, Bury Tomorrow and Deaf Havana, I also enjoy While She Sleeps, Letlive, Yashin, Your Demise, Woe Is Me, Sleeping With Sirens, You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses, Of Mice&Men, We Are The Ocean, The Script, Daughter, Attila, Emmure, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Motionless In White, Whitechapel, Veil Of Maya, Abandon All Ships, Architects, Chelsea Grin, Enter Shikari, Jack’s Mannequin, Panic! At The Disco, 30 Seconds To Mars, Alexis On Fire, the list kinda goes on, anything I like, I’ll listen to.

I also enjoy alot of solo artists or non hardcore related artists/bands like I absolutely adore Daughter.

What bands/artists have you seen live?

  • Bury Tomorrow (x2)
  • Kids In Glass Houses (x4)
  • Shadows Chasing Ghosts
  • While She Sleeps
  • Of Mice&Men
  • Lower Than Atlantis
  • A Skylit Drive
  • Mallory Knox
  • We Are The Ocean
  • Annotations Of An Autopsy
  • Asking Alexandria 
  • Blessthefall
  • Chelsea Grin
  • Architects
  • Yashin
  • The Devil Wears Prada
  • Don Broco 
  • Mayday Parade
  • The Natives 
  • The Summer Set
  • Cross Faith
  • Heart In Hand
  • Loads of local bands (some great, some shit)
  • And probably loads of kinda known bands who have been supporting the above bands which I don’t know the names of.

What bands would you like to see?

  • A Day To Remember
  • Your Demise
  • While She Sleeps (Again)
  • Woe, Is Me
  • Parkway Drive
  • We Are The Ocean (Again)
  • Bury Tomorrow (Again)
  • Yashin (Again)
  • Of Mice&Men (Again)
  • Architects (Again)
  • Daughter

That’s all, I really don’t mind if you ask the same question twice, but please can you put it in a different context? I love getting interesting asks that get’s me thinking, so try and think of some interesting things to ask, I’m a really nice person, if you want a conversation with me, add me on Facebook or whatever and inbox me on there letting me know who you are.

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